You have the power

We are down to the wire and less than 24 hours hours away from the closing of yet another PASS BoD elections. You have the power to influence who is serving a new term on the PASS Board starting January 2013.

I am on the slate this year along with some great candidates. Many folks in the community have written about various candidates and some have endorsed as well. See the various blogs below.

2012 Board of Directors Election Blogs

Oct 11: Running for the PASS BOD: Doing It for the Bacon – Wendy Pastrick
Oct 10: Changing the Status Quo – Sri Sridharan
Oct 10: Getting Things Done on the PASS Board – Allen Kinsel
Oct 10: PASS BoD Polls Close This Friday – Rick Heiges
Oct 10: Rock the Vote… or Something – David Stein
Oct 9: SQLPass Elections – Who I’m Supporting and Why – Jen Stirrup
Oct 9: What Have I Done in 2 Years on the PASS Board of Directors – Allen Kinsel
Oct 9: Interview with a #SQLPASS Candidate – @NTSSUG’s Sri Sridharan – Jen McCown
Oct 9: My PASS Board Vote – Ryan Adams
Oct 9: SQLAuthority News – A Conversation with an Old Friend: Sri Sridharan – Pinal Dave
Oct 8: PASS – Campaigning Is Tough – Allen Kinsel
Oct 5: Vote in the 2012 PASS Board Elections – Chris Webb
Oct 2: 2012 PASS Board of Directors Elections – It’s Time to Vote – Kendal Van Dyke
Oct 2: Evolving PASS – Allen Kinsel
Sept 27: It Is That Time of the Year – Sri Sridharan
Sept 27: Why I Care About Voting for the Board of PASS? – Laerte Junior
Sept 26: I’m Running for the PASS Board of Directors – Again – Allen Kinsel
Sept 26: PASS Board of Directors Election – Making Progress – Rick Heiges
Sept 21: PASS Elections 2012 - Grant Fritchey
Sept 20: Podcast Interview with PASS Board Candidates – Denny Cherry

Good discussions have happened here.

And the candidates pages are available here.

If you don’t have your ballot and you were a member of PASS as of June 1st 2012, send an email to requesting your personalized ballot.


Read through as much as you can ( it is a lot of information ) and make an informed decision on who you want on the PASS Board that serves your best interests.

                                     You have the POWER. Use it.