Getting to SQLRally

We are just a little over a month away from SQLRally Dallas. Thought I would share some quick tips on how to get to the SQLRally Dallas venue , especially for those coming from out of town.

Venue Information

Dallas Convention Center
650 S. Griffin St.
Dallas, TX 75202
877-850-2100 or 214-939-2700



For those driving, you can choose to drive directly to the convention center. Self-parking at the Dallas Convention Center is available for $12 a day. The main garage entrance is on Griffin between Memorial and Canton St. View the downtown parking map for other parking options.


Flying to Dallas:

There are 2 major  airports in the Dallas area. DFW ( Dallas Fort-worth International ) and DAL (Dallas Love field ).


From DFW Airport to Dallas Convention Center

A map of the DFW airport can be found here.

Car Rentals

The Rental Car Center is located at 2424 E. 38th St, DFW Airport, TX, near the south entrance of the Airport and is served by 10 companies. Location Map (may require download)

raclogo_50x50.gifArriving Passengers: After collecting your baggage, follow the Rental Car signs to the designated pick-up area on the lower level of the terminal. From there, board the Rental Car shuttle bus. Buses run 24 hours a day, depart every five minutes and reach the Rental Car Center in approximately 10 minutes.

Public Transportation

Public transportation provided by the Airport and TRE helps you get to the Dallas Convention Center from the DFW airport for about $3.50.

Take the Remote parking South shuttle from DFW airport to the Centerport TRE station. Take the commuter rail from the Centerport Station to the Union Station in Dallas. The Dallas convention center is a couple of blocks away from the Union Station. Tickets for the commuter rail must be purchased at the station. There are self service kiosks that provide tickets.

More information on using TRE can be found here.

Note: For those staying back after the event, there is no commuter rail service on Sunday.


Flat rate of $40 + extras ( expect $50 ) for a taxi ride from DFW airport to the Dallas Convention center.  You can find more details here.

Tip : Due to construction, there will be traffic around the North Entrance of the airport. Typically going to the convention center and back, you are most likely to use the South Entrance of the airport. If your travel in/out of Dallas requires you to go via the North Entrance, give yourself an extra 30mins for congestion near the airport.


From DAL Airport to Dallas Convention Center

Dallas Love field Airport is a regional airport and is the home of Southwest Airlines. The parking map here also provides you a terminal map.

Car Rentals

There are Car Rental shuttles that take you from the airport terminal to a short 5 minute drive the Rental Car location.

Taxi Cab Service

Taxi Cab service is provided on the upper level across the street from the baggage claim wing of the main terminal building.

City Shuttle – (214) 760-1998
Super Shuttle – (800) 258-3826
Yellow Checker Shuttle – (972) 222-2000

I have never travelled via cab from DAL airport to the convention center area so don’t have first hand experience of cab fare. My guess $20-$25.

Public Transportation

DART provides public transportation between Dallas Love field Airport and Dallas Convention Center for about $1.75

DART Bus Route 39 operates between Dallas Love Field and Inwood/Love Field Station, providing a link between DART Rail Green Line and Love Field Terminal. Frequency of service between the Inwood/Love Field Station and Love Field Airport is every 20 minutes seven days a week.

The Green Line provides service to downtown Dallas. Transfer to the Red Line or Blue Line at any one of these four stations — West End, Akard, St. Paul or Pearl. From there take a Red Line or Blue Line to hop off at the Dallas Convention Center Station.

This entire trip should cost not more than $1.75. Make sure you take a transfer ticket as you hop off Bus 39. That transfer ticket is valid till you get out at the Convention Center Station.

More details on DART from DAL airport can be found here.


If you have any further questions email  sri at sqlrocks dot com

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